Farming after the Flood Webinar

Farming after the Flood
Farmland flooded by the 2011 Missouri River flood.  (Photo by Scott Olson, one of the speakers on the webinar)
2011 Missouri River Flood

Farmer Perspectives, Agency Resources

Learn how two farmers are repairing their land after the 2011 Missouri River flood and what information and resources are available from state and federal offices to assist with the recovery.  The Farming after the Flood webinar was held Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 24 sites in five states and is now available online.  Audio segments (Audio file) of the webinar has been broken down into individual segments to facilitate viewing.  Related resources and fact sheets are linked below and available for each of the programs discussed. 

Listen to Webinar Segments

Welcome and General Introduction Audio file  Shawn Shouse, ISU

Farmer Panel

NRCS Programs Audio file

  • Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) — Marty Adkins, Iowa NRCS
  • Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program — Marty Adkins, Iowa NRCS
  • EWP Program Flood Plain Easement — Marty Adkins, Iowa NRCS
  • Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) — Kevin Dacey, Missouri NRCS

FSA ProgramsAudio file

  • Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments (SURE) Program — Seth Cross, Nebraska FSA
  • Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) — Seth Cross, Nebraska FSA
  • Emergency Forestry Restoration Program — Greg Reisdorff, Nebraska FSA
  • Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) — Greg Reisdorff, Nebraska FSA
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) — Greg Reisdorff, Nebraska FSA
  • Farmable Wetlands Program (FWP) — Greg Reisdorff, Nebraska FSA

RMA Programs Audio file

  • Flooding Impacts on Crop Insurance — Paul Gallagher and Duane Voy, RMA
  • Permitting Programs
  • Farm Bill Wetland Compliance — David Howard, Missouri NRCS
  • 404 permit and others Mark Frazier, Omaha USACE

Other Programs Audio file

  • P.L 84-99 Program (levee repair) — Ryan Buckley, Omaha USACE
  • Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Recovery Program (MRRP) — Mark Harberg, Omaha USACE

Question and Answer Segment and Closing Comments Audio file All speakers; moderated by Shawn Shouse, ISU

See Related Resources & Fact Sheets

Following are resources which may be helpful to reference as you review information from the program.