Gardens, Trees & Landscapes

Care for flood damaged trees

Resources for Questions about Horticulture, Gardens and Produce Safety in Flooded Areas

Fruits, vegetables and food safety:

  • Flooded Gardens - South Dakota State University
    What to do with fruits and vegetables from a home garden that has been flooded. Food safety is a major concern.
  • Safely Using Produce from Flooded Gardens (pdf) - University of Wisconsin Extension
    Safety considerations for home gardeners when using produce from gardens that have been flooded.
  • Dealing with Flooded Vegetable Fields - Cornell University
    How commercial vegetable growers can manage plantings in fields that have been flooded to maintain a high level of food safety.

Trees and landscapes:


Gardens and Horticulture information provided by: Sarah Browning, Extension Educator, Horticulture & Urban Agriculture, University of Nebraska Extension

View an 8 minute video at left which explains

  • reasons for potential tree damage
  • identifying the risks
  • considering management options
  • how to obtain professional guidance

- with John Fech, Extension Educator with UNL Extension and Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor, and Graham Herbst, Forester with the Nebraska Forest Service.