image of tree removal from river

 Removal of tree from flooded river near bridge in western Nebraska. (Image courtesy of Gary Stone)

Acreage Flood Resources

Advice for OPPD Customers on Flood Safety - Electrical Safety concerning power lines and electrical wires, and using standby electric generators

NPPD Flood Facts and Information

Guidelines for Handling Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment - National Electrical Manufacturers Association offers information and networking for acreage owners.

Farm Flood Resources

Farm Flood Preparation - Tom Jensen, Emergency Coordinator with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, gives what flood information resources are available at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture on the June 10, 2011 University of Nebraska-Lincoln "Market Journal" program.

9.7  - Floods - Special Considerations for Agricultural Producers - University of Florida - Cooperative Extension Service

9.9 -  Floods Preparing to Evacuate Your Farm - University of Florida - Cooperative Extension Service